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Surround sound systems and speakers give you crystal clear sound for your home theater or game room. Our THX Certified Atlantic Tech speakers provide professional quality and peak performance. We offer individual speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers, and we offer individual speakers, pedestals and stands for speakers, free standing and wall-mounted speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers, as well as surround sound system packages. Complete your home theater or game room with crystal clear sound.

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Home Theater Speakers

Whether you're a movie buff, avid video gamer, or music lover, you need a surround sound system with great performance and crystal clear quality. Even if you have the best HD TV or 3D projector and screen available on the market, poor sound quality will ruin movie night every time. Stop straining to hear the tiny built-in speakers on your TV and get the perfect sound system set up. home Theater Gear carries everything you need, from complete systems to individual speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers. You can bring cinema-quality sound to your home, create the ultimate game room, or build a high-tech man cave or diva den without breaking the bank. Choose from free standing or wall-mounted speakers, or for a low-profile, built-in sound system, check out our in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Set up your home theater speakers for a great place to entertain guests, spend time with family, or just relax on your own.

Advancements in Surround Sound

As advancements in the electronics industry continue to drive prices down, and more individuals opt for home theater systems, the need for manufacturers to produce high-quality home theater speaker systems has never been higher. At Home Theater Gear, we believe that surround sound systems not only need to provide a home theater audience with the full cinematic experience they would enjoy at a commercial theater, but need to do so with limited hardware and space. A living room, theater room, or games room may not be able to accommodate massive speakers. Manufacturers have had to get extremely creative with regard to surround sound speaker designs so that they can be easily integrated into a home theater setup.

At Home Theater Gear, our customers will bear witness to one of the most comprehensive selections of speakers available on the market. We understand that every home has its own distinct aesthetic and how important it is to integrate equipment and hardware that does not counteract this aesthetic, but in fact compliments it. We can help our customers choose from our wide range of home theater speakers keeping in mind the environment and conditions that they will be integrated into.


Individuals with spacious theater rooms are afforded the option of integrating large pieces of sound equipment like sound system front speakers, sound system subwoofers, or sound system amplifiers. For those who would rather disguise their speakers within the rooms, there are the options of integrating in-ceiling, in-wall speakers, or sound bar systems. Other alternatives include surround sound system arrangements consisting of small speakers and a subwoofer. At Home Theater Gear you will even find speakers designed specifically for outdoor use. These speakers are a popular choice among individuals with decks or gardens.

Customer Care

At Home Theater Gear, we provide all our customers with the finest customer care services. We are committed to offering our customers a swift and easy online shopping experience. Our customer care and services will constantly keep you in the loop regarding new schemes implemented, payment methods, policy changes, and delivery statuses. Home Theater Gear is your one stop shop for all surround speaker system needs.

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