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Projectors and projector screens are the crowning feature of a home theater room. Imagine watching your favorite movies and shows on a theater-quality high definition screen.We carry top-of-the-line screens from the best manufacturers in the industry. Enjoy crystal clear resolution on a projector from Epson, Mitsubishi, JVC, or Sharp Vision. Choose from a variety of screen options, including fixed screens, adjustable aspect ratio screens, manual screens, and motorized screens.

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Projectors and Screens

Projectors and projector screens provide you with crystal clear visual quality and a screen big enough to share. No more arguments over the best seat; every seat is the best seat in the house when you're watching your favorite shows on a full-size projector screen. Set up your own personal movie theater in your home, and enjoy family time, parties, and some personal relaxation on a theater-quality screen. Choose from a variety of screen sizes and configurations to fit your space. Our projectors also offer you lots of options; choose from leading brands in the industry, resolution options, HD projectors, and 3D projectors.

High Quality

Over the last few years, there has been a marked rise in the number of people interested in purchasing and installing home theater systems into their homes. As a reaction to this spike in demand, Home Theater Gear is focusing their resources towards creating high-quality home theater equipment that is not only convenient and user-friendly, but stylish as well. No home theater setup is complete without a state of the art projector or screen.

Range and Brands

Home Theater Gear has a wide range of home theater projectors and screens designed keeping the tastes and preferences of the customer in mind. Since every home has its own character, it is important to choose the right projector or screen before installing. A projector or screen must be chosen keeping in mind the space and size of a living room or theater room. At Home Theater Gear, our customers can choose from screens of all sizes and a top notch selection of projectors.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a screen or a projector is the manner in which it is going to affect the aesthetic of the home. State of the art television screens are likely to stand out in a home with a traditional aesthetic. Individuals with homes like these are better suited to purchasing a quality projector. Conversely, for individuals with contemporary homes, a modern television screen make a better fit.

Home Theater Gear is a one stop shop for all your projector or projector screen needs. We offer a wide selection of premium brands within the home cinema market. So regardless if you are looking to relax and unwind while watching a movie, or share in the experience with your friends and families, you will find what you are looking for among our products.

Customer Care

We also extend excellent customer care and support. Our customer support service is fully committed to providing you with the latest updates regarding your purchases. From refund policies to delivery and tracking information, we will ensure that you are constantly in the know about the products you have selected.

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